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With our corporate headquarters located in beautiful, Lawn Maintenance Guys was by Agronomist, Certified Turf Grass Professional, and Gardening professionals in the Lawn and Landscape industry for close to 40 years, Our CEO created Lawn Maintenance Guys, Inc., as an alternative to conventional “fast food“,  “all fits one “  type lawn care services. We believe most lawns are unique in their own way.

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The Lawn Maintenance Guys, 888-321-0497 difference is clearly evident in many specific areas. The principal focus of the Lawn Maintenance Guys Service specifically dedicated to lawn types in our region. We are regional experts who can improve and maintain your lawn based on what your lawn actually needs. Many other lawn care services have their corporate headquarters in other regions of our country, and may not have a day to day working knowledge of the grass types, growing conditions, soils, or environmental factors that are unique to your lawn!  In addition, we have developed and faithfully practice a sound IPM (integrated pest management) system (some companies simply make the claim). Our customer service philosophy and focus on environmental sustainability, have earned us numerous awards and accolades.

Our unique process and methods enable us to perform our services in a manner that is friendlier toward the things that are important to you like your family, pets and our treasured ecosystems. Our private label organic based fertilizers are specifically formulated for the needs of your warm season turf types. They will enable your grass to get thicker, greener and more vibrant. And finally, the Lawn Maintenance Guys difference is reflected in our highly skilled employees who are eager to serve you. Our turf specialists are thoroughly trained by an experienced licensed technician before they are independently performing treatments on your lawn. Our Lawn Maintenance Guys turf specialists are the most highly trained, knowledgeable, and responsible individuals in the industry. Put this all together and what will you have? Our service staff has been recognized and awarded for outstanding, customer service and satisfaction. This all results in a safer program, performed by people who care, and are committed to providing a healthier, more vibrant lawn for you. Results, value, great service….this is the Lawn Maintenance Guys pledge. We believe that you deserve nothing less!

Q. I have a problem with an area in my front lawn. The area is irregular, but approximately 3 ft. x 4 ft. I have a irrigation system, but for some reason this area seems to dry out during the summer regardless of how much water I give it. The grass seems to wilt during the hot part of the day. It comes back after it's irrigated, but the next day, it's wilted again. What's going on??

A. It sounds to me like your soil is Hydrophobic in this spot. Hydrophobic soils have a compound coating the soil or sand particles, which will actually form beads on the soil surface, and repel water. This can reduce the amount of water penetrating into the soil, thus inhibiting your grass from taking up moisture. This is a common occurrence on sandy type soils. My suggestion would be to remove the grass in this spot during early summer, cut out or remove as much of the existing soil as you can, and replace with good topsoil. Of course, keep this area well watered during periods of low rainfall during the summer.

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